Hot-sale Portable Solar Generator

- Sep 20, 2018-

With the rapid development of electronic products, people use a wide variety of electronic products, and the demand for electricity is also increasing. Mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, and various household appliances all require power support. With the rise of smart phones, more and more people have become low-headed people, whether on the road or on the subway bus, people like to play mobile phones.

Many smartphone users like to carry mobile power with them, but usually mobile power can only be used to charge small devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you are hiking or exploring outdoors, the power of the mobile power source will not be too big.

Xiamen Lynsa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a multi-functional portable solar generator PS10B, which is definitely the best choice for outdoor power. The Lynsa PS10B has three battery capacities of 700Wh, 1200Wh and 1500Wh. It chooses solar charging and grid charging according to different usage methods. It can be applied to digital products such as cameras, mobile phones, notebook computers, tablet computers, LED lights, etc.; it is suitable for home appliances and appliances with power less than 500W.

portable solar generator.jpg

The Lynsa PS10B is relatively small and easy to carry, so it can be easily placed in the trunk of a car to explore or travel.

The Lynsa PS10B has a built-in polymer lithium-ion battery, and it can replenish new power at any time through the solar panel, reducing the consumption of battery power.

portable solar generator-1.jpg

The different output ports of the Lynsa PS10B can meet the needs of almost all electrical appliances, and we can even use it to watch TV and power for portable refrigerators.

With the Lynsa PS10B, you can not only camp outdoors, but also use it to build outdoor theaters. The backyard party lighting power lights can be done with the Lynsa PS10B. It can be said that the Lynsa PS10B is a small portable power station. 

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