Poland's First Battery Energy Storage Project Is Officially Launched

- Oct 29, 2018-

Recently, the 1.26MW/2.52MWh energy storage project provided by BYD officially launched in Poland, which is the first battery energy storage project in Poland. The project will cooperate with the 1MW solar power station with components provided by BYD to provide local peak shaving and balanced grid services.

battery energy storage

Poland is an important European power market, the power industry developed, to achieve the EU's carbon emissions targets, Poland government issued the "2030 energy demand planning" in November 2009, the importance of coal on the one hand must plan, on the other hand also made adjustments for environmental problems.

Planning said that by 2030, the proportion of coal will be reduced from 60% to 94% 2009, the remaining part by the new nuclear power plant, renewable energy and natural gas to supplement.

At present, Poland has an annual capacity of 350000 MW. Because of the explosive growth of the economy, about 1000 MW of units need to be renovated every year. This will be a lasting reform, bringing huge market share for the development of electric power business.

Great reforms in energy consumption are under way in Poland in recent years, thanks to economic development, rising wages and rising living standards. The breakthrough of Polish battery energy storage industry from "0" to "1" is believed to be of great significance to the reform of local electricity market and the development of energy storage application model.